The Treasure Chest – Methusela’s Musings

Here we are again, sitting around Gramp’s rocking chair waiting for story time. As always, the  fire is burning and crackling cheerfully, warming the home hearth of the humble little cabin by the lake. Gramp’s nightly ritual  is  soothing and  comforting in its familiarity. We know it  off by heart yet it never fails to … More The Treasure Chest – Methusela’s Musings

Echoes of Woodwork

TRH (The Retired Husband) has been busy with secret, sacred man business in his man cave for weeks. Well, months really. Joining him over the last few weeks have been a couple of budding young man cave aspirants learning secret, sacred man business. Me and my shadow (Tess the mini four legged female in the … More Echoes of Woodwork