Of Platypus and Echidna

Shortly after arriving in Tasmania, Dad went on a hunting and fishing trip into the Tasmanian wilderness with a group of Finnish men. It was his first experience in the Australian bush.These are a couple of excerpts about that trip. I am in the process of translating  his book ‘Footprints in Australian Sand‘ into English. We continued on. The river had … More Of Platypus and Echidna

Snake in the Grass

‘What the devil made me come out here! It would have been just as good to starve to death in Finland as to die of heat exhaustion in the bottom of this pit, swore the young man escaping unemployment. It was hot. Over 40C in the shade. The sun scorched from a bright cloudless day. … More Snake in the Grass

Too Young For War

A true story. Dedicated to my father – Voitto Olavi Pokela  Father’s Day  – 4th  September 2016   He was suicidal. The twenty-one year old war veteran, rifle in hand, headed into his family’s forest. Not too far from the house so it would not be hard to find and retrieve his body. Just about … More Too Young For War