Gelotology? Huh? What is it? Ellen will explain it – it’s good for you   The winner of the 2016 Darwin Awards (The Darwin Awards are a tongue-in-cheek honour, originating in Usenet newsgroup discussion around 1985. They recognise individuals who have supposedly contributed to human evolution by selecting themselves  out of the gene pool via … More Gelotology

It’s Time for Sunday Serenity – earth healing meditation

Sundays are a good day for taking time to stop and relax, to meditate and nurture yourself. Sundays also signal the beginning of a new week. What better way to set the intent and tone for the week than to focus on peace and serenity. In this world of busy-ness, rush and turmoil, it’s important … More It’s Time for Sunday Serenity – earth healing meditation

Eat more fruit !

Do you know why fruit is so good for you ? Watch and find out … Raili Tanska Steps for Peace  It is possible to live in peace  — Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)  

Finland Second

This one is just too good not to share ! Apologies to those who may have already seen it.   Raili Tanska Step for Peace  Better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace   — Buddha (560-483 B.C.)