Blue Mind

Every now and then something pops into my inbox that captures and captivates me. This week it was an ad for free 6 episode video series about something called Blue Mind. I’ve just watched episode two. It was about awe. Did you know that experiencing just two minutes a day of something that inspires awe … More Blue Mind

The Superbluebloodmoon

The full moon is often cited as a time of transformation. A letting go of the old to make room for new beginnings.  There are many rites and traditions for cleansing and purification. This is a simple, yet profound meditation for doing just that. The sacred rituals and rites of cleansing, purification and annointing in  worship … More The Superbluebloodmoon


Salt water sprayed high into the air as  wave after wave broke over  the cliff face. On a cloudless day sunlight played rainbows in the spray of droplets. Like a perpetual motion machine the waves kept rolling in and out ceaselessly. Remorselessly. Slowly the cliff face yielded to the elements giving of itself. Carved off … More Transformation

It’s all in the Heart

You have probably all heard of Eckhart Tolle and his renowned book The Power of Now.  It’s old hat now, having been published first in 1997. Touted as a non-denominational spiritual teacher, he has been influenced by and uses teachings from a vast range of traditions, both Eastern and Western. Religions, Tolle states, “have become … More It’s all in the Heart