Songlines of the Australian Aborigals

“…the labyrinth of invisible pathways which meander all over Australia and are known to Europeans as ‘Dreaming-tracks’ or ‘Songlines’; to the Aboriginals as the ‘Footprints of the Ancestors’ or the ‘Way of the Lore’.  This is Bruce Chatwin’s description of songlines.  It is a delightful blend of travel log, fiction and non-fiction. When a song … More Songlines of the Australian Aborigals

Diwali – The Festival of Light

  This week celebrates the Festival of Light. Diwali (or Deepavali, the “festival of lights”) is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated  every year around late October / early November.  One of the largest and brightest festivals in India, spiritually it signifies the victory of good over evil.  Our family has strong ties with India. Marc, our oldest son … More Diwali – The Festival of Light