Little gives more

  “MUUUUUUMM !!!!” The fear laced scream jolted me out of a deep, dreamless sleep. Jumping out of bed, I quickly ran to the children’s bedroom to see what was wrong. And stopped dead in my tracks. Both the kidlets were tucked up in bed fast asleep, their breathing slow and steady. Neither of them … More Little gives more

Voyage of Time 2

Where was I ? The last thing I remember was sitting in my lounge drinking a cup of coffee and waiting for the Mystery Tour pick up. Dazed, I looked around the space I found myself in.  It bore no resemblance to anywhere I had ever been before. Soft, ambient lighting shimmered in what I … More Voyage of Time 2

Voyage of Time 1

“Mystery tour! The ONE  and only UNIQUE opportunity for an out-of-this-world experience”  screamed the neon lit billboard ad. It caught my attention as soon as I saw it. Well, of course it would. It was meant to.  I felt a familiar tingling of excitement, a precursor that alerted me to take special note of whatever … More Voyage of Time 1

Magic of love

    She weaves and spins a web strands of gossamer stronger than the strongest thread tying hearts together family, friends and home. Partner, lover, wife and mother silently the spinner weaves her thread. Her reach is far her strength untold her skills a fine-tuned art her gentling touch firm and sure. She spins and … More Magic of love

Never enough time

      Chapter one: It was busy. The first customer was a regular. She rushed in, grabbed some cake decorations, joined the queue. She looked harassed. Just like I felt. Smiling in sympathy, I took the payment. It would be nice to have a friendly chat. Why is there never enough time for me?! … More Never enough time