Echoes of TRH

I was wondering the other day just what The Retired Husband (TRH) has been up to lately. He’s always fiddling with something or other in his Man Cave. I have been taking happy snaps so I had a browse through them. And you’ll never guess what I discovered!  Well, not really discovered ‘cos I knew … More Echoes of TRH

TRH* Is Never Lost

We’ve been everywhere man, of travel we’ve had our share man We’ve been everywhere man, of road trips far and wide man this married pair have traversed everywhere man o’er this  great  brown land man,  called Aus-tra- li-a man from east to west to north to south and everywhere! * ‘twas in years gone by … More TRH* Is Never Lost


This REALLY, TRULY is the stinkiest cheese I have ever smelled. The honour goes to munster gérômé , the top middle image.  You will see from the above poster that in preparation for dinner it has been surrounded by every possible arsenal in my vast store of aromatics to combat the stench.  The other cheese … More REALLY STINKY CHEESE


It was piping hot. The brie nested in the middle of the crusty, crunchy sourdough garlic bread was gooey and runny. And the French champagne was ice cold. Dinner last night was divine. You see, the Retired Husband (TRH) and I went to Adelaide Central Markets yesterday.  It’s a wonderful, colourful, busy, noisy and delicious … More CRUSTY CRUNCH


The Retired Husband has been heard to say (several times forsooth and YAY !! ) ‘I don’t truly know how I ever had the time to work!!’ A quantum leap of faith has left behind the superstitious dreads and fears of no work, no pay, no money, nothing to do. He has jumped off the … More FAIR DINKUM RETIRED