Mancave Update

It has been quite some time since I last wrote about TRH (The Retired Husband) and his mancave. ‘Tis a place he disappears into every morning. All I hear is the endless grind and scrunch of machinery. Pre-Christmas was a busy time. He made some beautiful gifts for the boys. To my shame and horror, … More Mancave Update

Echoes of Icecream

I’m on a roll with trying out all sorts of new home-made recipes. It’s fun when you can do it at leisure. This week I made icecream. Three ingredient ice cream. Easy peasy. I found the recipe on this Keep Your Health Safe site. So it just has to be good for you ! There’s … More Echoes of Icecream

Echoes of Timber

TRH (The Retired Husband) has been squirreling. Not acorns. Timber. There’s building works afoot in our little cul-de-sac. The squirreled timber is left over from current builds. TRH, having sought and been given permission, has salvaged this pile from one of two new buildings in progress in our little corner of the world. Three houses … More Echoes of Timber

Echoes of Creation

Himself, TRH (The Retired Husband) has been busily constructing things of timber in the  man cave. These two beautiful pine boxes are now waiting for me to find things to put into them. They stack and have hand grip holes in the sides for ease of moving. They really are very good. He’s a clever little … More Echoes of Creation

He’s an Inventor

You may not know that I’m living with  married to an inventor. TRH (The Retired Husband) has been inventing things probably all his life. Certainly for as long as I’ve known him , which is almost a lifetime. Those of you who have read about what he gets up to would know he’s a busy … More He’s an Inventor