House Munchers Update

Lucky, lucky us !  We live in a High Hazard area for termites ! It has been over two months since we discovered that our house is being eaten. Two months of weekly visits by the Exterminator. Two months of watching, waiting, waiting, waiting. Today he was happy to report he is ‘cautiously optimistic’ They … More House Munchers Update

Ode to Me

I’ve been cleaning the termite infested cupboard that has housed our thousands of slides (pre-digital era), photo albums and a mountain of my craft gear. I now need to find a new home for what is to be kept. In honour of me – I wrote this ode: Aching, tired bones and muscles wouldn’t you know … More Ode to Me

Termite Battle Stations!

Today was FIELD INSPECTION DAY. Evidence of enemy infiltration was uncovered. The Enemy Frontline was found. I hereby submit evidence of the dastardly cunning of The Terminoidae. Inside  cupboards  have been munched and crunched. Hidden behind mountains of boxes seldom moved, they hid, probably for years. Behind wall panellings the munching, crunching has continued. Believing … More Termite Battle Stations!