A Song In My Heart

It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining. The sky is blue. The birds are singing. What could be better? Perhaps a little bit from the two greats of Jazz: The Queen, Ella Fitzgerald and The King, Louis Armstrong… A three-day lyrical challenge – Day 1 Thanks Jane. You caught me in the mood. But then, after … More A Song In My Heart

Soul Home

This beautiful piece was penned by Eric from My Sword and Shield –  It is no feature of her face, nor motion of her form, which calls her “beautiful” in my eyes It is that she walks in my soul and calls it “home                       … More Soul Home

To Be Whole

Deep within a seed A sacred fire of fertility a soaring of the Soul germinating ♥ I Am the Soul  set to be free. To soar To fly unrestrained Spread my wings Reach for the blue the never-ending sky  knowing the joy ♥ To Be Whole ℜ ©Raili Tanska Written in response to Lady Calen’s … More To Be Whole


Today I want to share something special with you. Something that makes my soul sing. My heart soar. My mind expand. Curious? It is the writings of a very few select people whose work stirs me like no others. I find myself returning back time and again for another bite. At times when my soul yearns … More SOUL FOOD


I Am the Soul that yearns to be set free To soar To fly unrestrained and spread my wings Reaching for the blue of the never-ending sky above To know the joy of release To know … And be …. ©  Raili Tanska Image Pixabay


  Green Is my garden Tenderly planted, nurtured Watched over With soul eyes Enraptured with the beauty Sorrowed over losses Unexplained and missed Every new blade noted, counted, tended Heart and soul immersed In Green therapy In response to requests for more information on this subject check out this link –  Musings on Green Therapy … More GREEN THERAPY

Love in 10 Lines

POETRY CHALLENGE Time to get creative and tap into your inner Shakespeare! Don’t be shy. There is no right or wrong way of expressing yourself. Do it for your own pleasure. Share if you so feel inclined. If you do, I would love to read what  you have to say. OK, here’s the challenge. I … More Love in 10 Lines


  I may be old and worn Stitching not the finest art but all my fibres are imbued with Love For years have I lain upon an altar in a home filled with songs and prayer Hearts so full  of love for all who entered through its doors These people you know well they loved … More ALTAR CLOTH


  I knew you before you were a victim, before you were a wreck, a mess, and a bomb. Without a crowning success or crippling failure. Before you had an issue, an axe, or a cross. No disorder, no syndrome, no label – undiagnosed, without a blemish or scar. Before that night and the morning … More I KNEW YOU BEFORE