Existential Angst

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My thirst:  When did it surface? Is it right to lay the blame on a fly in my DNA, a crack in the egg, a badly-placed step in the dance of the sperm? Did it seep in while I swam in neo-natal simplicity? Is it lack or a perverse…


Blue as the summer sky. Warm as the sun. Gentle as the softly blowing breeze. She of the Land stood, arms outstretched to catch it all to breathe it in. Eyes closed she saw the visions of a New Land. She knew where it was how to get there. As she stood, feet firmly grounded, … More Awakening

I’m two years old

  My goodness how time flies! Today is  the second birthday of my blog. In honour of this momentous occasion I thought I would revisit my first ever post. Pressing that publish button was one of the scariest things I did that day. I’m not scared anymore. Just thought I’d mention that. So, without further … More I’m two years old

As Night Descends

    Tinged with pink the softly glowing sky bids farewell to the day as the world settles to rest.     The chirruping of birds rustling in the leafy trees settles their young downy feathered ones under shelter of maternal wing.     Darkness falls a lone dog barks stillness descends as sleepy eyes … More As Night Descends


Let’s play a game, he said. See this empty chest? Fill it with treasure you want to leave behind to be found by others who stumble upon it in distant future years to come. What would you put in it I wonder and why? ℜ I thought and thought and thought some more What do … More Treasure

Blue Pearl

earth a pearl of blue hidden in the shell of space the pearl is my home ℜ © Raili Tanska Image – Pixabay Safar over at Blisters, Bunions & Blarney came up with a Haiku Challenge. The baton is being passed down the line – from Calen to Jane and now to me.  And I’m  passing … More Blue Pearl

Echoes of Life’s Symphony

natus        pubis      ad mortem  Of beginnings, in betweens and endings A Canon of individual chants and tones a rising crescendo, rhythmic beats as ancient as the earth a counterpoint chorale  pulling, plucking,vibrating  heart strings sounding chamber songs dissonance a disrupting  drone rising to glissando grazioso intermezzo sliding, connecting graceful music The Refrain a medley, … More Echoes of Life’s Symphony

Huh ?

Questions have  been asked. What do you know? What don’t you know or understand?  I scratch my head and ponder on it Hmm, let me  see… There are a variety of them that I do know I know for sure In summary I know that there are – The known knowns The unknown knowns The … More Huh ?

To Be Whole

Deep within a seed A sacred fire of fertility a soaring of the Soul germinating ♥ I Am the Soul  set to be free. To soar To fly unrestrained Spread my wings Reach for the blue the never-ending sky  knowing the joy ♥ To Be Whole ℜ ©Raili Tanska Written in response to Lady Calen’s … More To Be Whole