Kim’s Photos #3

More South Australian beauty captured through the lens of my brother-in-law’s camera – South Australia brings in the New Year 2019 Blue Flowers Nov 2018 Clouds at 10,000m Rosie This link will take you to his Instagram page.   Raili Tanska take time to breathe and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. Advertisements

Kim’s Photos – 2

More photos from my brother-in-law – Kim Second Valley jetty, South Australia. This is actually not a black and white photo. Short exposure, created a black and white effect. The moon turned night into day last night it was a challenge to capture  the Milky Way. Road to Myponga Beach, South Australia. The only bit of … More Kim’s Photos – 2

Kim’s Photos

The Retired Husband’s baby brother has turned to photography. He’s pretty good. Enjoy these shots of our state through his camera lens. When the moon turns night into day with the lights of Adelaide on the horizon. Messing around capturing star trails in my back yard. This is 125 images stacked in photoshop. Zoom in … More Kim’s Photos

Awesome Photos

My nephew is dabbling in photography. Ari Tanska Photography  Two views of the South Australian coastline   Sellick’s Hill, SA   Mt Crawford in Autumn The Moon – what do I do with it? I could be biased, but I think he’s a talented young man! Raili Tanska Steps for Peace Spend time in Nature


Let me introduce you to Soul Sister. She is an exquisite rose.  Starting as a milky chocolate, coffee latte colour, she changes with age, to end as a soft lavender.   The photos in the poster below are all of the same rose bush.  A  floribunda  rose, she has what  is described as a mild tea … More SOUL SISTER