It was with trembling hands and trepidation that I plunged in and changed the header and background colour on my blog. I took a deep breath, searched my file of images tucked away for possible future use. Did a preview. Played with some different shades of blues to complement the header till it felt and … More Newness


Blue as the summer sky. Warm as the sun. Gentle as the softly blowing breeze. She of the Land stood, arms outstretched to catch it all to breathe it in. Eyes closed she saw the visions of a New Land. She knew where it was how to get there. As she stood, feet firmly grounded, … More Awakening

Fool’s Quest

Fool’s Quest Once upon a distant journey weapons of choice the history of the world The Quest – Asking for the earth Defy gravity a road less travelled mightier than the sword Entering the castle peace is the way The touch invisible acts of power The eye of heaven the signature of all things Eternal … More Fool’s Quest