Supercharging food 2

Yesterday I promised to give you more information about DIY food supercharging. Here it is – I’ve known for a long time that oats are good for you. They keep you regular. They taste nice. They’re low GI so they keep you full for longer. But did you know that oats are higher in protein, … More Supercharging food 2

It’s all in the Heart

Have you heard about heart coherence? I’ve been listening to a series of podcasts about Ancient Medicines for Modern Illness in the last week. Hosted by Nick Polizzi from Sacred Science, it’s a fascinating series.  What is becoming increasingly clear is that there is profound wisdom in what some call ‘old wives tales’ or ‘witchcraft’. … More It’s all in the Heart

A New Human Organ

Did you know that scientists have just published an article about a newly discovered human organ?  The ‘largest organ in the human body’  is called the interstitium.   It  has been ‘hiding in plain sight’ up till now. So exactly what is it? Layers long thought to be dense, connective tissue are actually a series of … More A New Human Organ

Gardening Hacks

Herbs growing on the window sill from cuttings…. We’re heading full gallop into summer here. That means ants and other pests. This year, I’m going to try vinegar! Raili Tanska Steps for Peace Respect and love yourself first – the rest follows

Hear Your Body Talk

Have you ever wondered what your body might have to say to you if it could talk?  Probably not. Yet it does. It sends messages over and over. Patiently. All those aches and pains, twitches and itches are your body talking to you begging for some attention and tender, loving care. Last week I finally stopped … More Hear Your Body Talk

Ancient Music

‘Myths in many cultures speak of the universe having been created by way of sound….in the Ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt, Rome, Greece, Tibet, India and other centres of learning, knowledge of sound was a highly refined science based upon an understanding of vibration as the primary causative form of the universe.’  ‘It is also … More Ancient Music