Being Me

Get to know your Soul — go in. Inside yourself. Read. Talk. Ask Big Questions of Life. Look for answers. Write it down. Draw it. Sing it. Dance it. Take me time —  Meditate. Lots. Pray. Go outside. To peaceful, soothing places. Maybe a forest. The Beach. A retreat. Have a date night with yourself. Get to … More Being Me


Endless pounding and crashing. The waves rolled in and out ceaselessly. Each time they rolled and worried the heavy, large rock. Little chunks would work loose. It had started off as an ugly , mis-shapen lump. Time had re-shaped it. Turned it into a smoother, more rounded rock.  And still the waves kept rolling in, … More RE-SHAPING


I sit and look. And ponder. The view from my window is a mix of winter and spring. A bare branched mulberry tree waves in the breeze. Next to it is a lush, newly green curved hedge. And all around are signs of spring bursting forth from a winter’s hibernation, stretching arms out to soak … More Emerging

To Be Whole

Deep within a seed A sacred fire of fertility a soaring of the Soul germinating ♥ I Am the Soul  set to be free. To soar To fly unrestrained Spread my wings Reach for the blue the never-ending sky  knowing the joy ♥ To Be Whole ℜ ©Raili Tanska Written in response to Lady Calen’s … More To Be Whole


L E S S O N S Arrive unannounced on the  doorstep of my heart oft’ unexpected oft’ unwelcome Challenging Chipping Changing S    t    r    e    t    c    h    i   n    g  Searching Testing Teasing Honing Heaving Heavy Forcing Confrontation within until soul  lesson learnt Growth Newness Peace Restored © Raili Tanska Image Pixabay