Are You a Flexitarian?

Eating is no longer just eating. It has become an increasingly complex thing. There are omnivores. They eat anything. Then there are pescetarians. They eat fish. Vegetarians are meat-free eaters but they do eat dairy and eggs. May also be called ovo-lacto-vegetarian. Seriously? It’s such a tongue twister. Then of course we get to flexitarians. … More Are You a Flexitarian?

My toothless friend

She was a vision to behold. Toothless, she wore a multi-coloured beanie on top of her pate. The sky blue top caressed her large, freedom loving boobs. Barelegged beneath the flowing skirt, her feet were encased in bright blue ankle socks and slippers. Pushing her shopping trolley, she joined me at the vine ripened tomato … More My toothless friend

Addictive Food

Sugar is bad for you. We hear it all the time – on the news, in social media, on radio, in the newspapers. Just how bad?  THIS will give you some info. Recently we’ve watched a few episodes of a BBC documentary called Junk Food Kids. It’s heart wrenching to see kids as young as two … More Addictive Food

Echoes of Raili

I’m navel gazing this week. This post is all about me, me, me –  Raili. ‘Cos I celebrated my birthday last week. Top row L – R: me with Dad on my wedding day;  My brother Erkki, me, my sister Ritva after Dad’s funeral Middle row:  Me having a bubble bath; Mum and my siblings. … More Echoes of Raili