A Sailing Tale

Just thought I’d indulge and re-visit  a post I wrote a few years ago. Given it’s New Year’s Eve (2015) and he – The Retired Husband – is out there on the high seas, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into his favourite play-time on our 52 foot ferro-cement yacht, Finnally . If you’re … More A Sailing Tale

Echoes of the Ocean

TRH (The Retired Husband) and his brother moved Finnally back to her home berth last Sunday. This is the view from the galley porthole. Or, in landlubber speak, the kitchen window. Fishing – well, they caught a little one and had to throw it back. But they did capture a couple of really nice sunsets. … More Echoes of the Ocean

Echoes of Finnally

She was two years overdue for a derrière clean. Here she is – all scraped and sanded. Ouch. Then she needed a spruce up with a new paint job. And other essential little jobs that became apparent when she was – ahem – fully uncovered. She is  all clean and pretty again.  She’s now back … More Echoes of Finnally

Echoes of Change

It’s that time of the year when Adelaide streets turn purple. The Jacaranda are in full bloom. Streets graced with the trees are coated in petals like the aisles of a church in readiness for the bride… Images from adelaidenow.com Meanwhile in our little cul-de-sac change has marched in far  more than we expected. Two … More Echoes of Change


Connect?  Really?  How?!  The internet has been SOOO slow it’s unbelievable. On top of that, trying to upload images to WordPress – forget it! Interesting that today’s theme is ‘Connect’. However, be that as it may,  it seems to be working now, so fingers crossed x My photos today are all to do with connections … More Connect

Seasoned Sea Legs

(No, this is not Finnally in a storm!)  Some of you may have read my post No Sea Legs describing my brief and inglorious foray into sailing. Here’s a snippet – “ … We were going sailing again.  I was assured the seas would be calm. Gorgeous sailing weather they said. Wrong !!!  The waves … More Seasoned Sea Legs

No Sea Legs

I’m an expert at puking. At sea. On land. In the air. I’ve done it all. My qualifications?  A lifetime of personal experience. As a little kid in Finland we used to visit relatives in the country. By bus. Mum used to tell me that I would sit in the back of the bus singing away … More No Sea Legs

Four Sea Legs

Cody The Wonder Dog Seasoned Boatie Long day sailing keeps self tidy Senses port a-nearing Land-ahoying Restless cross-legged-waiting “gotta, gotta, gotta go….!!!” Desperation mounting Heave-to quickly, quickly…. leap to land nearest station A  – a  –  a  –  a –  a  –  h! Blessed release © Raili Tanska, June 2013 Image personal album