The Gift

Last week I posted about forest bathing and trees. This tale follows that trail…. There once lived an old man. Gentle by nature, he was very old. A solitary person of no nomenclature.  No-one had bothered giving him a name. Including himself.  It did not seem important or necessary.  Living alone in the woods gave him … More The Gift

I’ve been reading

Yep, been reading. A real mixed bag of books. Just thought I’d share my thoughts about a few of them. Every year our local newspaper runs a literacy campaign for kids. Included is the opportunity to collect a boxed set of story books. This year it was the set of 15 books pictured on the … More I’ve been reading

Printed Food

I was running late for work. Quickly, I pressed PRINT to start my breakfast of bacon eggs and toast as I ran past. By the time I was dressed, it was sitting, piping hot, in the out trays. Changing the cartridges to print lunch, I sat down to gulp down my breakfast. Lunch today was … More Printed Food

A Winter’s Day

    It was snowing and windy. The air was bone-chillingly cold and daylight was fading. Darkness came early this time of year. I wrapped my coat as tightly around myself as I could trying to prevent the cold from seeping in any further. I wound the thick woollen scarf around my neck, tucked the … More A Winter’s Day