It’s time for a serious moment. Once again, we’re reminded of the vulnerability and unpredictability of life. Brussels has brought  that vividly into our homes through the media in the last couple of days. It happened in Paris too. And now we are seeing the same after the event groundswell in Brussels. Fighting hate, anger, … More BRUSSELS


She was just seven. Much too young to be exposed to such trauma. What she witnessed changed her life forever. Her family was moving – again.  Only two years previously they had moved all the way across the world to a strange new country.  One where everything  was different.  They had settled in well.  Even … More IMPENDING DOOM

The Black Dog

  By the by, it is best I issue a warning right up front. What I am about to tell you will be confronting for some people. Mine is the sort of story that some would say is best left untold. Not to be brought into the light of day at all. However, I do … More The Black Dog