About Fear

I thought I would revisit part of something I wrote about fear a while back. There is a lot of people writing a lot of stuff about all the fearful things that are happening around the world. Google search  for fear got me 564 million results in 0.9 secs !!!  Wow – that’s a lot … More About Fear

When Fear Hits

I have two great fears in my life – heights and sailing. For the life of me I cannot look down from any great height (think two foot off the ground or more) without my stomach doing somersaults and the soles of my feet hurting. It has always been thus.  The sailing thing is a … More When Fear Hits

The Black Dog

By the by, it is best I issue a warning right up front. What I am about to tell you will be confronting for some people. Mine is the sort of story that some would say is best left untold. Not to be brought into the light of day at all. However, I do not … More The Black Dog


The Retired Husband has been heard to say (several times forsooth and YAY !! ) ‘I don’t truly know how I ever had the time to work!!’ A quantum leap of faith has left behind the superstitious dreads and fears of no work, no pay, no money, nothing to do. He has jumped off the … More FAIR DINKUM RETIRED