Echoes of Boy Time

We had a surprise visitor earlier this week. He arrived with this Kit Kat in hand. See how pretty it is with the dried rose, hibiscus and raspberries dotted all over it. It tastes pretty awesome too! Who was our surprise visitor?  Our oldest son. He walked in the door on Sunday night for a … More Echoes of Boy Time

Push Presents

What the heck is a push present, I asked myself, the first time I heard it a few weeks ago. Have you heard of this trend? Boy have I been enlightened since I first heard the term. I turned to Google for some answers after listening to talkback radio today about baby showers and push … More Push Presents

Echoes of February

It’s been a bitty and busy week this mid February. But I did have some leisure time too. On Tuesday I went to lunch with a friend to this cute little out of the way organic cafe called “Five Little Figs”.  We both had the Chef’s Special for the day – Lamb Yiros on a … More Echoes of February

The Red Robin

Skipping happily, singing at the top of her lungs in a lusty voice, Gwendolyn sang – “Wake up, wake up, you sleepy head, Get up, get out of bed, Cheer up, cheer up the sun is red, Live, love, laugh and be happy ….. dum dum dum de dum … singing a song when the … More The Red Robin

We’re in Wagga – Day 4 1RTU Graduation Ceremony

Recruit Course 11/16 THE day many have been waiting for is here. We arrived at the RAAF Base at 10am as instructed. The same as yesterday everyone was issued Visitor’s passes. Then the shuffle by bus to the parade ground started.  It was to be another 45 minutes before the formal Graduation Parade started. We … More We’re in Wagga – Day 4 1RTU Graduation Ceremony

Echoes of Life’s Symphony

natus        pubis      ad mortem  Of beginnings, in betweens and endings A Canon of individual chants and tones a rising crescendo, rhythmic beats as ancient as the earth a counterpoint chorale  pulling, plucking,vibrating  heart strings sounding chamber songs dissonance a disrupting  drone rising to glissando grazioso intermezzo sliding, connecting graceful music The Refrain a medley, … More Echoes of Life’s Symphony