Methusela’s Musings – the story of One Eye the Cat

It has been a goodly time since we last gathered around  Gramp’s rocking chair for story time. But here we are, back again in that familiar, cosy setting. As always, the fire is burning and crackling, playing shadow puppets on the walls of the humble little cabin by the lake. The familiarity of Gramp’s nightly … More Methusela’s Musings – the story of One Eye the Cat


  We trudged single file through the dark forest, trudging deeper and deeper, until I lost all sense of direction. The band of travellers I was with had invited me to join them. They told me it was a special place they were going to. One that only they knew about. A place of mystery … More Sacrifice

Dare To Be You

Right from the very beginning, Sunshine knew he was going to be different. How did she know that? She knew that in the way only a mother knows. Deep in her heart. Her yet to be hatched little one was safely nested inside the strangest looking egg she had ever laid. It was a speckled … More Dare To Be You

Hidden Treasure

The King and the Beggar’s Gift A difficult or unwanted thing can turn out to be a great gift. Frequently, we receive unknown gifts in disguise. There is a wonderful old story told of a young king who took over a kingdom. He was loved before he became a king and his subjects were delighted … More Hidden Treasure


Endless pounding and crashing. The waves rolled in and out ceaselessly. Each time they rolled and worried the heavy, large rock. Little chunks would work loose. It had started off as an ugly , mis-shapen lump. Time had re-shaped it. Turned it into a smoother, more rounded rock.  And still the waves kept rolling in, … More RE-SHAPING