Now more than ever the world needs compassion in action Check out this website. The Compassionate Initiative  – Vision Imagining, understanding and promoting a more compassionate world.   The Compassion Initiative envisions a coming of the “Age of Compassion”. In so many ways, the future of our species will rely on our ability to overcome the apparent … More Compassion

The Gift

Last week I posted about forest bathing and trees. This tale follows that trail…. There once lived an old man. Gentle by nature, he was very old. A solitary person of no nomenclature.  No-one had bothered giving him a name. Including himself.  It did not seem important or necessary.  Living alone in the woods gave him … More The Gift

Do Not Label Me

I posted this poem almost twelve months ago. It’s time to share it again. I may be Black or white or yellow Or any shades between Do not label me * I may be Hetero or metro or gay Or any shades between Do not label me I  may be young or old or adult … More Do Not Label Me

The Black Dog

By the by, it is best I issue a warning right up front. What I am about to tell you will be confronting for some people. Mine is the sort of story that some would say is best left untold. Not to be brought into the light of day at all. However, I do not … More The Black Dog

Do Not Label Me

Do not bombard  with opinionated bigotry scathing criticism judgemental  claptrap scamming, scheming, bullying stealing, lying, breaking I will not listen * Do not bombard with words of poisoned sweetness telling me that I should live in fear just because someone happens to look  different chooses to behave differently believe differently eat differently live differently I … More Do Not Label Me