C2C? What is that, you may well ask. Allow me to enlighten you – it is shorthand for corner to corner. That probably has you scratching your head too. It actually is a new crochet technique that I have been mastering the last couple of weeks after coming across a link about it in Oh, … More C2C

Woollie socks

    Have you ever had the pleasure of wearing handknitted woollen socks in winter? These ones are very nearly like the ones we used to have. I found this picture on Pixabay. We used to always have someone who could weave the magic of those knitting needles to create such toasty warmth. When the … More Woollie socks

Echoes of February

It’s been a bitty and busy week this mid February. But I did have some leisure time too. On Tuesday I went to lunch with a friend to this cute little out of the way organic cafe called “Five Little Figs”.  We both had the Chef’s Special for the day – Lamb Yiros on a … More Echoes of February

I’m making stuff

Anyone who knows me, knows I dabble in craft work. Leading up to Christmas I had a yearning to make some new decorations. And inspiration came just in time from a friend overseas who sent me a magazine bursting with creative options. That’s where I got  the idea for these ‘dudes’ as my neighbour calls … More I’m making stuff