I Painted Parrots

I always thought painting by numbers was for kids. I was SO very wrong as I discovered when I was gifted a kit of flowers to paint I got hooked. And ordered two more. The parrots are delightully colourful. And here is the virgin canvas with its plethora of tiny numbers and spots waiting for … More I Painted Parrots

When Fear Hits

I have two great fears in my life – heights and sailing. For the life of me I cannot look down from any great height (think two foot off the ground or more) without my stomach doing somersaults and the soles of my feet hurting. It has always been thus.  The sailing thing is a … More When Fear Hits


Thought I’d try something different this week. A writing prompt for February with an interesting twist. It’s called Randomize from Mindlovemisery The rules for this prompt are what makes it so interesting : For this week, I would like us to seek inspiration in random places. What does that mean? I want you to go to … More Maria


I breathe therefore I AM I live therefore I AM I weep therefore I AM I bleed therefore I AM I laugh therefore I AM I grieve therefore I AM I AM strong, I AM weak I AM  bold, I AM beautiful I AM determined, I AM resilient I AM courageous, I AM – Me … More SURVIVOR

Circle of Friends Week 4 – something unique

This week’s theme –Something unique Last week we put our collective heads around the thorny issue of gifting. The theme has resonated strongly with many people. And brought up some really interesting stories. It has also raised a lot of questions about friendships for me. Ones that I thought would be interesting to delve into … More Circle of Friends Week 4 – something unique


It was her first year at uni. She had just moved to this new city. At nineteen, she was very shy, easily embarrassed. It was difficult for her to make new friends. Just the thought of talking to strangers made her heart thump, her palms sweaty, her mouth dry.  The only people she knew in … More Embarrassed

Love in 10 Lines

POETRY CHALLENGE Time to get creative and tap into your inner Shakespeare! Don’t be shy. There is no right or wrong way of expressing yourself. Do it for your own pleasure. Share if you so feel inclined. If you do, I would love to read what  you have to say. OK, here’s the challenge. I … More Love in 10 Lines