Soul Gifting


For some time I have been toying with ideas of how else to say thanks to those who visit or  follow my blog. I want to do it in a unique way. I like gifting. I like making gifts. I like surprising people in a nice way. Perhaps I could combine all that somehow. So here’s what I have come up with.   I call it Soul Gifting.

What is it ?

Once a month I am going to choose someone  and contact them to let them know they are being offered a Soul Gift. If they choose to accept, all I need is a mailing address sent to me by private email. What the gift is will be a surprise.

It is starting now – 15th March 2017.

How will it work ?
Much as I would love to, I cannot do this for everyone. It’s my way of saying  ‘thanks’, no strings attached. It’s not a challenge.  It’s not a competition.  You are automatically in the draw if you are a visitor or a follower of my blog. I retain sole control and decision making. Once I have made a decision I will contact you to say you have been selected as a  Soul Gifting recipient. Should you choose to accept your gift simply email me privately with your postal address. When I have posted the gift, I will delete your email.  All you do is wait for the delivery. It will be a surprise.

‘Giftees’ names,  a link to their blog (if they have one)  and my reason for the nomination will appear on the list below unless you instruct me otherwise.

One last thing – because I made the rules, I can change them  if I feel like it. That is bound to happen sometimes.


 March 2017

The first Soul Gifting goes to Elaine’s Bloggers Paradise

for being my 1000th follower. An artist in the making, Elaine shares her journey of creating and apartment living with us. Thanks Elaine 😀
 ♥ April 2017
Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha from  a cooking pot and twisted tales  is the recipient of April’s Soul Gifting. An author, poet, photographer, vlogger – there is no end to this lady’s talents. Thank you, Jacquie, for being part of my blogging family.
May 2017
Candice Louisa Dacquin from The Feathered Sleep  is May’s Soul Giftee. Thank you, Candice, for your encouragement, interesting conversations, thought provoking and powerful poeming and friendship.
June 2017
Linda Bethea from Nutsrok  has had me in stitches many a time with the tales she tells of growing up and her family.  Not only can she tell hilarious – and true – stories from her life with a tribe of very colourful characters. She can also pen poignant historical stories based on real life. She’s a treasure and a delight. You’re it for June, Linda – thanks!
July 2017
Jane Basil from Making it Write   is it for July. Jane is a gifted writer. Her posts are raw, authentic, passionate, at times irreverently funny and witty. We have shared laughter, tears, grief, pain, outrageous political incorrectnesses – often found in conversations threaded through the comments. 
August 2017
Mara Eastern describes herself as a ‘sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.’ She’s right. It is funny. We are as good as twins in the blogosphere having started around the same time. I should also mention she is the ‘custodian of a cat’. 
September 2017

Tom Merriman from Beyond the Sphere is September’s Soul Giftee. Artist, photographer, poet, philosopher, Superhero story teller, letter writer – Tom’s blog is a veritable treasure trove.  On his site he has also created a number of candles for ‘spreading the light’ in this world of ours. Should you wish to join him in this, simply go over and grab a candle or two and start spreading  Tom Candles.

October 2017

Soul Gifting goes to Janet A who has subscribed to my blog almost from its very beginning by email. Thank you so much for your friendship, support and presence in my life. 

 November 2017

 Bernadette from Haddon Musings delights me with her passionate and generous support for “showcasing the talents of the post 9 to 5 generation” through her hosting of the Senior Salon. In it you will find art, music, writing, poetry, photography, creative cooking and fashion to name just a few.  Through her Feminist Friday posts she celebrates the contribution women make to a vast array of endeavours. I am honoured to have Bernadette as a member of my blogging community. Please pay her a visit.

December 2017

December 2017 Soul Gifting goes to Opher Goodwin, of Opher’s World

Opher is passionate about many things. A prolific writer of sci fi,  rock music and other things, he calls himself an antitheist. Ever prepared to discuss and debate, he also likes a good laugh or two. Of those, he has given me plenty with his witty comments. In his own words –

I believe in equality, tolerance, justice and freedom. I respect other people’s points of view and do not expect people to share the same beliefs as me. ..and would like to live in a world where there is harmony between people and respect for the environment.

With this in mind, he has drafted a document for discussion about the  Universal Declaration of Animal Rights

January 2018

The first Soul Giftee for this New Year is  2gatherstones.  The sudden death of an only child, a young doctor, plunged 2gatherstones into a deep grief from which she struggles to emerge.  Laying bare her soul and  grief journey on the pages of her blog she gathers stones, rocks and pebbles for healing. Do go and visit. 

Describing herself as a country girl, she shares the  farm with her husband and an assortment of animals. Gertie Goose and Hector the Mule are two quirky characters whose photos and antics find their way to the blog now and then. 

February 2018

This blog has reached – and now exceeded – 2000 followers. Never in a million years did I expect this to happen. I am honoured, humbled, amazed to have reached this milestone. Thank you to each and everyone of you!!

To celebrate, the Soul Giftee for February 2018 is the 2000th member of my blogging family – Jennifer Dionne.  A busy lady, she is mum to three kids, four cats, two dogs – oh, and one husband.  In her busy life she finds time for an assortment of other activities  such as camping, running, hiking – any physical challenge in fact. And wait – there is more! Jennifer is also a passionate supporter of her local community.


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