Saturday Smiles

A New Year Prayer For the Elderly God, grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway, The good fortune to run into the ones that I do, And the eyesight to tell the difference. Lecture Tour with A Difference On New Year’s Eve, Daniel was in no shape to drive, so he … More Saturday Smiles

Serial Sevens

Lady Calen of the Sandbox Challenge fame has posted a series of questions about “getting to know yourself”. Four sets of seven. Being in a whimsical frame of mind, I thought I’d play around a bit with numerology first before answering the questions. Seven has always been revered and associated with spirituality. There are 7 … More Serial Sevens


It was with trembling hands and trepidation that I plunged in and changed the header and background colour on my blog. I took a deep breath, searched my file of images tucked away for possible future use. Did a preview. Played with some different shades of blues to complement the header till it felt and … More Newness

Bringing in 2018

  We farewelled the  year 2017 last night. And welcomed 2018. A New Year. New Beginnings. Take a seat and buckle in. Let Serenity be the start … Breathe deeply. Slowly. Close your eyes. Connect your heart to the Source of All Love. Ground to the Earth. Expand your awareness. Welcome in the scents of … More Bringing in 2018

Christmas Eve 2017

It’s Christmas for us today. There are many other celebrations in December – Hannukah, Saturnalia, Kwanzaa, Koliada to name just a few. Whatever you may be celebrating, I wish you all  Joy, Peace and Love. Steps for Peace For it is in giving that we receive. Francis of Assisi .