Nut Milk

It seems using the word milk to describe liquid derived from non-dairy sources is a no no. This matter has  been seriously discussed apparently. Listen to what a Nut Milking farmer has to say. Raili Tanska Enjoy nature’s bounty  

Spot be gone

For decades I have had this little patch of scaly, rough, dry skin on the outer edge of my eyebrow. I have tried many a treatment to get rid of it. It annoys me. Nothing has worked. Not even a full bottle of Frankincense essential oil over an extended period of time. So last week, … More Spot be gone

Regrowing coral

Ever heard of microfragmentation? No? Neither had I. Until I  came across the work of Dr David Vaughan. Basically he cuts coral into little pieces. And then regrows them.  Hundreds of them in one day.  The natural self-healing response to injury creates a cup cake sized piece of coral in four months instead of the … More Regrowing coral