TRH does it again!

He’s been at it again – The Retired Husband (TRH) that is. ‘It’ being those Man Cave projects. THE latest most impressive and hot off the press completed one is a refurbishment of our original carport. Marc’s Toyota Sprinter has finally moved to live with its master in Darwin. This means we now have a … More TRH does it again!

Declared Insane

Oh Dear God, I am doomed! Found to be lacking in mental capacity. Deemed unfit to live in decent society. Accused of heinous deeds, irresponsbilities unforgiveable.   A scourge to be banished ne’er to breathe freedom I stand accused.   Asthma Hysteria Laziness Novel reading Medicine to prevent conception Overaction of the mind Uterine derangement … More Declared Insane

DIY Skin Care

I am a strong advocate for using what I call kitchen cupboard ingredients for beauty care. Mind you, I would have to be the first to admit that my own regime is not exclusively based on them. However, I  do try and avoid mainstream products that are laden with all sorts of toxic additives and … More DIY Skin Care

You Can Eat Roses

Did you know the unique flavour in turkish delights is from roses? You either hate it or love it. But did you know that there is a whole lot MORE you can do with roses eating wise. Olivier and Louis, founders of Ode á la Rose of New York recommend the most fragrant roses are best for … More You Can Eat Roses