All in the Head

ALL IN THE HEAD I have to say since JJ and LL moved in, Maria’s life’s got pretty crazy and her head’s become kind of crowded with all three of us in it. I’m Carmen by the way. God knows I’ve tried to get those two to tone down. But there’s only so much I … More All in the Head

Grief and Loss

It comes to all of us – the final farewell.  We recently had a loss in the family.  It was not unexpected. Everyone had had time to prepare for the inevitable. Regardless of that, it still hurts. The finality of it. The knowing that someone you deeply cared for is no longer physically here. Raw, … More Grief and Loss

Kim’s Photos #3

More South Australian beauty captured through the lens of my brother-in-law’s camera – South Australia brings in the New Year 2019 Blue Flowers Nov 2018 Clouds at 10,000m Rosie This link will take you to his Instagram page.   Raili Tanska take time to breathe and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.

RBI – No, it’s not a Star Wars Robot!

RBI, is the newest chocolate discovery in 80 years. Ruby chocolate is the fourth chocolate type after white, milk and dark chocolate. I got a box of it for Christmas this year. Australia was one of the first countries to launch ruby chocolate back in July 2018. Kirsten Tibballs, Australia’s Queen of chocolate,  says ruby RB1 “opens up a … More RBI – No, it’s not a Star Wars Robot!

Ship in a bottle

For the last few years TRH (The Retired Husband) has been gifted Lego sets by son #1. Last year we both did. It was my first ever own kit. Wall.E emerged into being only because I got expert tutoring to make it. This year TRH was given a ship in a bottle kit. It’s 962 … More Ship in a bottle


I knew fashion went in cycles,but language?!  Is there a universal language? Of course. It’s called Love and doesn’t need any words. Raili Tanska