Glowing Skin

This is all about Looking Gorgeous! Using ingredients mainly from your kitchen cupboards. Following the usual skin care regime, here’s some tips on getting your skin to glow –  CLEANSING A really yummy deep facial massage cleanse with essential oils: 1 -2 teaspoons of an organic vegetable oil A drop of one or both Lavender, … More Glowing Skin

Out of control

They were out of control. They never slept through a night. They fought and squabbled all the time. Mealtimes were a nightmare. Aggressive and abusive, they did not respond to discipline. Or any form of behavioural control. Cajoling and bribery were useless. School ?  If they did attend, it was chaotic and incident filled. Often … More Out of control

You smell!

“You smell!” the young shop assistant told me at the cash register screwing up her nose. Not the usual shop conversation you expect to have. But it led us to chat about what the smell was. It reminded her of stuff her sister used to put on her, she said. Like Dencorub, I asked? Yeah. … More You smell!


I woke up this morning bleary eyed and furry mouthed. The nights have been quite hot. And the days even hotter. Meaning that in order to have any sort of a half decent sleep we need to leave the air conditioner on overnight. We are blessed to have one. Even more so, to be able … More Invasion