Mangled Fingers, Sheep, Turkeys, Puppies and Jabs

Our youngest has a birthday coming up this week. Twenty five. Which of course led me to reminiscing. Which is when I found this post….  “Do you know there’s a dog on the roof of your house?” asked the newspaper man in amazement as he collected the monthly fees. “Oh, yes. That’s Jessica. She’s surveying … More Mangled Fingers, Sheep, Turkeys, Puppies and Jabs

A Sailing Tale

Just thought I’d indulge and re-visit  a post I wrote a few years ago. Given it’s New Year’s Eve (2015) and he – The Retired Husband – is out there on the high seas, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into his favourite play-time on our 52 foot ferro-cement yacht, Finnally . If you’re … More A Sailing Tale

When Pain Roosts

We have become intimately familiar with pain in our household of late. Wikipedia describes it as a distressing feeling. Well, they sure got that right. Some of you may have read my posts about knee and heel pain. Having watched this TedEd video, I can confidently report that my intensity scale ranges anywhere from 0 … More When Pain Roosts

New Puppies

Life just got a whole lot more busy. Christopher and Alisha introduced us to their newly acquired puppy on Friday, 6 week old Tilly. She is a bundle of cuteness. Lo and behold, on Saturday afternoon, Tilly had cloned into two! She has been joined by her brother Kobe. All of a sudden we find … More New Puppies