The Week That Was

Yes. I know. He looks grumpy. That’s probably because he was. In the last week he has had cataracts removed from both eyes. A week apart. First one was a breeze. Done and dusted in two hours in a walk-in /walk-out  eye clinic. Most of that time was spent resting in a reclining armchair with … More The Week That Was

Mangled Fingers, Sheep, Turkeys, Puppies and Jabs

Our youngest has a birthday coming up this week. Twenty five. Which of course led me to reminiscing. Which is when I found this post….  “Do you know there’s a dog on the roof of your house?” asked the newspaper man in amazement as he collected the monthly fees. “Oh, yes. That’s Jessica. She’s surveying … More Mangled Fingers, Sheep, Turkeys, Puppies and Jabs

A Sailing Tale

Just thought I’d indulge and re-visit  a post I wrote a few years ago. Given it’s New Year’s Eve (2015) and he – The Retired Husband – is out there on the high seas, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into his favourite play-time on our 52 foot ferro-cement yacht, Finnally . If you’re … More A Sailing Tale