Damascus Wood

Himself has been at it again. Creating masterpieces.  He has developed something he calls Damascus Wood. You may have heard of Damascus Steel. During our road trip to Darwin I asked my brother, who lives there, to help me make a knife. He’s a master craftsman. Well – he and Himself did.  While I watched … More Damascus Wood

Travel Tips

Some very clever travel hacks here. Pity they are probably not usable for overseas travel due to safety regulations these days. Raili Tanska Think outside the square      

White Man in a Hole

‘Tell yer the truth, them blackfellers named it right. Coober Pedy (Kupa piti) means ‘White Man in a Hole’ and he sure is always in some hole or another up there.’ He glanced at me quickly and continued, ” I mean, most fellers still live in them dugouts in the ground – but what I mean … More White Man in a Hole

Kangaroo Orphanage

  Coober Pedy is home to a kangaroo orphanage. We visited there at feeding time. Believe it or not, kangaroos LOVE wasabi peas! Unofrtunately the quality of these photos was compromised by not being allowed to use a flash light (it was dusk and light was not good) and the huge numbers of kids crowding … More Kangaroo Orphanage