After the Fires

The Australian bushfires have attracted worldwide attention. Here in South Australia they are now contained. Keeping them under close observation for potential flare ups is part of the mopping up process. As well as restoring lives, properties and businesses. Elsewhere, there are fires still burning. Bushfires are a fact of life in this country. Many native … More After the Fires

Australia is Burning

I guess you have all seen and heard the news about the fires that are ravaging our parched country here in Australia.  I don’t want to inundate you with yet more images and stories of the devastating losses to property, human and animal lives. So many stories are emerging of the good, the bad and … More Australia is Burning

Words have power

Since researching and writing about the changing face of modern language yesterday, I have dug deeper  into words. What they are. How they impact on our feelings and behaviour. In the words of the famous rapper Eminem, ‘My words are weapons (I use them to crush my opponents)…’ “Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. … More Words have power

Teen Slang for 2020

We all know that language is a living thing. As technologies bring in new marvels, so they bring in new terms. Which become embedded in every day speak. As do trends, music and a trillion other influencers. In order to understand teen speak, it behooves us olds to keep up with the trends in language. … More Teen Slang for 2020

Santa is on the move …

Santa has started his reindeer trip from the snows of Lapland to deliver gifts  …. Meanwhile, here in Australia we are on fire…. water is scarce  …. thirst is great in Adelaide and elsewhere … Raili Tanska May it rain …