Yes, you read that right. Poop. Excrement, Faecal matter. Citizen science is a new trend in collecting data from the public for scientific research. #GiveAShit For Science is a serious collaborative project which invites people to anonymously upload images of their poop. Seriously. Once the images are uploaded a team of gastroenterologists sort through them. … More Poop


Now more than ever the world needs compassion in action Check out this website. The Compassionate Initiative  – Vision Imagining, understanding and promoting a more compassionate world.   The Compassion Initiative envisions a coming of the “Age of Compassion”. In so many ways, the future of our species will rely on our ability to overcome the apparent … More Compassion

Covid Speak

It’s happened. Our language has changed forever. Thanks to the coronavirus. Here it is. The Covid List – so far BC and AC Life before and after corona. To me it was  before and after children! Sigh.. no more….. Boomer remover the belief of some (Millenials and Gen Z’s)  that coronavirus only affects us olds … More Covid Speak

When Life Hurts

Oh no!  He’s here… What am I going to do? Maybe if I keep really quiet and stay in my room he won’t find me. I’m so scared he’s going to kill me. He said he would. No one believes me. Everybody hates me. They don’t help me. They think she’s just a kid. What … More When Life Hurts