He Got 2 Golden Buzzers

Renowned for his didgeridoo playing, actor, presenter and performer Mitch Tambo scored two golden buzzers for his recent performances in Australia’s Got Talent. His blend of  indigenous traditional and contemporary  languages, rhythms, dance and beats make his performances spell binding. Mitch Tambo is a proud Gamilaraay/ Birri Gubba man currently based in Melbourne Australia.  Enjoy. … More He Got 2 Golden Buzzers

A unique art

Last night we watched the semi finals of Britains’s Got Talent – The Champions. The best of the best world wide competing to win. The talent was pretty awesome. But one stood out head and shoulders above the rest for several reasons. Kseniya Simonova is a Ukrainian sand animation performance artist who also works in … More A unique art

Healthy Rice

Did you know that some clever scientists have discovered a hack for making white rice Healthy? For many countries rice is an essential, someetimes the only, food staple. I was watching a story about Cambodia last night. Many families only eat rice because that is all they can afford. White rice is the culprit when … More Healthy Rice

Kangaroos in the snow

The arctic conditions continue here in Australia. South Australia has shivered through a sudden cold snap which dropped the temperature in metropolitan areas by more than 5C in an hour. The temperature barely reached 10C across Adelaide in the aftermath of a cold front which also brought heavy rain, thunderstorms and hail. Raili Tanska Stay … More Kangaroos in the snow

Social Jetlag

I’m sure you have all heard of, and probably experienced, jetlag. But did you know there is such a thing as social jetlag? Till Roennenberg coined the phrase. He’s a professor of chronobiology in the Ludwig-Maximilian University. Social jetlag promotes practically everything that’s bad in our bodies,” he says.  It occurs when we go to … More Social Jetlag