A New Paradigm

I was browsing for some inspiration for this post. But you know what? Everywhere I looked, it’s COVID19……. Oh, oh Corona Why, why Corona…. Life has shrunk the four walls that surround me are my world Everything has changed. For now…   Raili Tanska  

Eat the Rainbow

Is this the latest COVID19 victim – The internet? Not sure if this will post. so will keep it short  – here’s hoping Raili Tanska Stay safe. Stay well.

Supercharging food 2

Yesterday I promised to give you more information about DIY food supercharging. Here it is – I’ve known for a long time that oats are good for you. They keep you regular. They taste nice. They’re low GI so they keep you full for longer. But did you know that oats are higher in protein, … More Supercharging food 2

Yummy Goodness

The world seems to have gone nuts. We went shopping today for some missing ingredients. I came across these delicious sounding dressings that have no sugar, oil or salt in them. I want to make them. Lo and behold, supermarkets have added yet more restrictions on how many of what we can buy. And still … More Yummy Goodness

No eggs? No problem!

Dare I say it? Coronavirus panic. Here, it’s gone ridiculously crazy. Stockpiling is out of control. So, in the spirit of sharing knowledge and providing alternatives to some things that are well, scarcer than hen’s  eggs – I present you with an egg alternative.  And a few other tit bits. The stuff in canned beans … More No eggs? No problem!


The other day as I was wandering down the aisles of our local supermarket looking for those disappearing rolls of toilet paper (not really! we have enough for now) my eyes were drawn to this bright red packet. I wasn’t sure I was reading right. So I picked it up. Yes. It definitely said crickets. … More Crickets

Breaking News – Australia runs out of loo paper

At the risk of overdoing the Coronavirus thing, I just have to do this today. Australia has gone toilet paper mad. Yes, you heard me. Toilet paper. Dare I say it?  It has been interesting following the development of the toilet paper social media pandemic. Toilet paper is flying out the door in unprecedented numbers. … More Breaking News – Australia runs out of loo paper