That classical noise

I looove Classical Music Not everyone agrees, of course. But evidence presents some pretty compelling reasons  to learn to like it. ♥  it helps to reduce blood pressure. Other types of music such as rap, pop, techno actually raise it. ♥ listening to Mozart helps to improve memory ♥ listening to it can get the creative juices … More That classical noise


 ‘Miaou’ means ‘woof’ in cat. —George Carlin If your cat falls out of a tree, go indoors to laugh. —Patricia Hitchcock Cats have let us humans into their lives for about 4000 years. They had the Ancient Egyptians twisted around their tales. Seriously – they were worshipped as gods and goddesses. Some of them were … More Miaou

Echoes of Honey

It was The Bee’s Knees yesterday. Today, it’s honey.  To get you into the mood, have a listen to this racy little number – Now, let’s reach for the honey. Honey just never goes bad. That’s because when those busy little bees are flapping their wings to turn the nectar into honey, excess moisture is … More Echoes of Honey