The One

Abracadabra, hillagazoom!!  Kapow! Zoom! Bim bam bong !! Damn it! Nothing was working. All the spells and enchantments I’d so carefully learned and secreted into the nooks and crannies of my mind were useless. Each of these seemingly nonsensical words had been painstakingly built literally letter by letter. Layer upon layer of magic just like … More The One

When I Grow Up….

She stood on the edge of the cliff overlooking a vast expanse of blue green water.  Below her, she could hear the pounding of the waves on the rocks far below. An ocean breeze stirred her tresses, tickling and teasing her face.  Lifting her arms up high up to reach for the sun, she took … More When I Grow Up….


A Christmas in July story – Snuggled cosily in bed, Lisbeth waited eagerly for her Nanna to read her a bedtime story. This was a special time of the night for the two of them. It was a ritual neither one wanted ever to stop. Nanna had come to stay for the holidays. In five … More Miaow

Moonlight Murder

*Announced by neither lightning nor thunder, a sudden hard rain roared down the night and drummed the roof. *The inky trees silvered with moonlight were like a forest dreamed into existence by an artist with etching-needles, a black wax ground board and an  eye for the eerie. *There could be no menace in the moon  … More Moonlight Murder

Into the Future

What is that sound?  I could swear it sounds just like a giant zipper. And you know what? It actually is! I am standing looking out the window. All I can see is a giant zipper that is slowly pealing open to reveal a brilliant blue sky.  And caught slap bang in the middle of … More Into the Future