Santa is on the move …

Santa has started his reindeer trip from the snows of Lapland to deliver gifts  …. Meanwhile, here in Australia we are on fire…. water is scarce  …. thirst is great in Adelaide and elsewhere … Raili Tanska May it rain …


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Image adapted from: photo by Peter Drier (An everyday tale of love and marriage) ”Be mine.” he whispered, ”You are my chocolate coated limousine, my deepest bungee jump, my highest school yard leap-frog, my cool breath in a heated discussion, my hot water bottle at the frozen peak of…

All in the Head

ALL IN THE HEAD I have to say since JJ and LL moved in, Maria’s life’s got pretty crazy and her head’s become kind of crowded with all three of us in it. I’m Carmen by the way. God knows I’ve tried to get those two to tone down. But there’s only so much I … More All in the Head

The Treasure Chest – Methusela’s Musings

Here we are again, sitting around Gramp’s rocking chair waiting for story time. As always, the  fire is burning and crackling cheerfully, warming the home hearth of the humble little cabin by the lake. Gramp’s nightly ritual  is  soothing and  comforting in its familiarity. We know it  off by heart yet it never fails to … More The Treasure Chest – Methusela’s Musings


Incognito was perched at the very top. It was a beautiful summer’s day. The leaves in the tree rustled as the soft, gentle breeze caressed its branches. From this vantage point, he had an excellent 360 degree view of his surroundings. Breathing softly, he carefully and ever so slowly moved his head, scanning with eagle … More Incognito