Echoes of Screws

TRH (The Retired Husband) and I went out on a round of errands today. I had to go sit in Officeworks to create a printed collage. So much cheaper than printing it at home. But the automated machine was not automating very well so it took me ages. Eventually I had to ask for help … More Echoes of Screws

I’m two years old

  My goodness how time flies! Today is  the second birthday of my blog. In honour of this momentous occasion I thought I would revisit my first ever post. Pressing that publish button was one of the scariest things I did that day. I’m not scared anymore. Just thought I’d mention that. So, without further … More I’m two years old

TRH’s New Toy

TRH (The Retired Husband) has gone and done it. He’s finally got himself The Trike he has been yearning for and working towards getting for the last two years or more. For the last week he has been preparing for the trip. Don’t ask me all the details. I just don’t know. But he has … More TRH’s New Toy

Hear Your Body Talk

Have you ever wondered what your body might have to say to you if it could talk?  Probably not. Yet it does. It sends messages over and over. Patiently. All those aches and pains, twitches and itches are your body talking to you begging for some attention and tender, loving care. Last week I finally stopped … More Hear Your Body Talk

Echoes of Yumminess

A couple of years ago I found a recipe on-line for a version of a Finnish yeast bun that is so delicious it is hard to resist. It’s called Dallaspulla. (NB: you may have to take Finnish lessons to read this recipe.  Or use the on-line translator…) Alternatively – here it is. For the dough: … More Echoes of Yumminess

I visited a vampire

Ha! Bet that got your attention 😡 Seriously though, I did visit a place where they sucked lots of blood out of my body. Far more than I would have expected or even thought reasonable. You see, I went to the doctor yesterday to ask about a persistent, irritating cough that has been hanging around … More I visited a vampire

TRH is Frugal

  TRH (The Retired Husband) has a morning ritual. Without it his day is ruined. It goes like this – ♥ make a cup of coffee ♥read the daily newspaper. Preferably in its virgin state. (Since retiring he very reluctantly, with loud  grunts and groans of “It’s just not the same…” allows me to remove … More TRH is Frugal


Wabi-Sabi? Huh? Is it, some weird version of wasabi paste? No, it is not. It (侘寂) is a concept in traditional Japanese aesthetics constituting a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.” That describes me to a tee. … More Wabi-Sabi