Double Yolks

How often have you cracked an egg and found it contained double yolks? It has only happened to me a couple of times – ever. Yet this morning when himself was making breakfast, he got THREE double yolkers in a row!! What are the odds of that ever happening? What could it possibly mean – … More Double Yolks

Spot be gone

For decades I have had this little patch of scaly, rough, dry skin on the outer edge of my eyebrow. I have tried many a treatment to get rid of it. It annoys me. Nothing has worked. Not even a full bottle of Frankincense essential oil over an extended period of time. So last week, … More Spot be gone

Tess’ Week

Hello, I’m Tess. You’ve probably seen me around this blog on and off. My BFF human tends to throw me into her stories at random times. This time I get my very own story. Why? Because the last week has been pretty busy for me. One of my human brothers came home for a week. … More Tess’ Week

I No Understand

When I was but a wee lassie, we moved to the other side of the world. To a land where none of us could understand the lingua franca.  I remember being outraged. It was a horrible sounding language. One that I would never, ever want to learn. Guess what? I learnt it fast. At school. … More I No Understand

The Sofa Ate His Phone

Yes, you read that right. It seems the curse of the phone continues in our lives. Mine is broken. The aged relative’s is misbehaving. And now this…. The Retired Husband  (TRH), bless his little cotton socks, has a habit of falling asleep on our comfy reclining sofa. The ever present mobile phone slips and slides … More The Sofa Ate His Phone

Seniors Phone

Have you ever noticed that touch phones are tricky things to navigate? I’m not sure whether my fingers are bigger. Or clumsier. My vision seems a tad blurred too. And don’t dare talk to me about predictive texting or autocorrect! It’s the bane of my life. At times I readily admit that I am not … More Seniors Phone