How to plant a tree

Over the years our little cul-de-sac has been eroded of council planted shade trees in front of the houses. We are all meant to have one. Last year I counted that there were 4 missing. And with new houses being built, there will be a need for even more. So I contacted the council requesting … More How to plant a tree

We had High Tea

  In honour of the Royal Nuptials, I decided to host a High Tea. Well, truth be told, it was just an excuse to do something different. We always have a few friends over on a Saturday afternoon for happy hour.  Just so happened that last Saturday co-incided with The Wedding of the century. Two … More We had High Tea

Dad’s Song

My father could not hold a note. When at school he was the only kid who was excused from singing lessons. Over the years he did learn to hold a tune relatively well.  And certainly well enough for little kids to be lulled to sleep as he rocked us and sang his favourite RUSSIAN song. … More Dad’s Song

Murder Most Foul

‘Twas a country trip, TRH  recalls. I had some jobs that took me away from home for a few days. Travelling with my DFL was always an interesting experience.”  (For the reader’s benefit, DFL is a term The Retired Husband used to describe his then assistant. It stands for ‘Dumb F#*# Labourer.) The DFL came wrapped … More Murder Most Foul

Butthead and Beavis

Two sheep. My nephew spotted them for sale whilst out for a country drive with a mate.  Just the ticket, he thought. He lived next door to us. Young, he had interesting and creative solutions to household management. Like the time there was a watermelon fight inside his house. It had left a sticky mess. … More Butthead and Beavis

I Made Fish Soup

Our weather is very topsy turvy here. Saturday was in the mid 30’s. Sunday was low 20’s. Soup weather, I thought. On one of our trips to visit my sister, she had made a traditional Finnish fish soup (lohikeitto). I remember tasting it with some trepidation at the time. She assured me her soup was … More I Made Fish Soup

I’m a Translator

Being bilingual can be fun. It opens the world up to the nuances and subtleties of culture and languaging that is so hard to translate into another language. How do you translate a joke that is laden with dialect and localisms? Truth is, you can’t. It loses all context and falls flat. TRH (The Retired … More I’m a Translator