Loo Paper

I know, it’s a strange topic to be writing about. However, it IS a serious subject. Amazingly people have very strong opinions and preferences about what they use to wipe their unmentionable parts. The cavemen undoubtedly had far more limited choices than we do in the Western world. Here, we are spoilt for choice. They … More Loo Paper

Mangled Fingers, Sheep, Turkeys, Puppies and Jabs

Our youngest has a birthday coming up this week. Twenty five. Which of course led me to reminiscing. Which is when I found this post….  “Do you know there’s a dog on the roof of your house?” asked the newspaper man in amazement as he collected the monthly fees. “Oh, yes. That’s Jessica. She’s surveying … More Mangled Fingers, Sheep, Turkeys, Puppies and Jabs

A Sailing Tale

Just thought I’d indulge and re-visit  a post I wrote a few years ago. Given it’s New Year’s Eve (2015) and he – The Retired Husband – is out there on the high seas, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into his favourite play-time on our 52 foot ferro-cement yacht, Finnally . If you’re … More A Sailing Tale

When Pain Roosts

We have become intimately familiar with pain in our household of late. Wikipedia describes it as a distressing feeling. Well, they sure got that right. Some of you may have read my posts about knee and heel pain. Having watched this TedEd video, I can confidently report that my intensity scale ranges anywhere from 0 … More When Pain Roosts