Scent Sleuth

The air has been so thick and heavy of late, I thought it time to bring in some sweetness and light. I have become a Scent Sleuth. You may recall I recently wrote about The Scent of Life = my love for perfumes. And how I find it difficult, at times well nigh impossible, to … More Scent Sleuth

The Scents of Life

I was a snotty nosed little sister who always whinged and whined about wanting to be involved with whatever my older sister was doing. I must have been a right royal pain in the proverbial. But for some reason one Christmas her boyfriend gifted me the tiniest bottle of perfume I had ever seen. It … More The Scents of Life

Breathing – Pt 3

Foam Gate and Beyond Having suffered through the trauma of a worldwide recall of my lifesaving bellows, I set about learning just what was going on. Nicko’s song is a much more lighthearted take on what people really think and feel about the Death Machine. This link will take you to the sordid world of … More Breathing – Pt 3


The Bellows If you’ve been following this riveting tale, Pt 1  told of the proddings and pokings that uncovered some untoward things going on in my innards. Like Atrial Fibrillation. And Sleep apnoea. Let’s leap into the windy world of The Bellows. The sleep doctor ordered me to  have a trial with one of those … More BREATHING – Pt 2

Breathing – Pt 1

Proddings and Pokings (‘tis a long and sordid tale best told in shortish bites) Funny thing about breathing. If it stops so do you. I have had many challenges over the years struggling for breath. It’s a scary thing not to be able to get enough air to walk more than a few steps at … More Breathing – Pt 1

I’m Back!

You may have noticed my absence in the last couple of months. It has been quite some time since I sat down to actually write something of my own. That  just happened. I found myself posting funnies and meditations. Stuff that nurtured my Soul. And hopefully yours too in some small way. It all took … More I’m Back!

New Roses

Sadly, we have lost several of our well established standard rose bushes. We suspect they had wet feet as the result of a fabulous new ground cover we planted. It keeps the soil cool and moist. And that is a treasured condition in our dry and arid summer weather. But some of the roses succumbed … More New Roses

For Tess

Yesterday we farewelled this little bundle of joy. She filled our hearts and home with so much love and joy. I wrote this poem dedicated to her  almost exactly five years ago. It seems fitting to revisit it. Love wrapped in a small bundle of fur wagging tail total acceptance never questioning trusting forgiving watching … More For Tess