Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali to all those who celebrate this Festival of Light This week celebrates the Festival of Light. Diwali (or Deepavali, the “festival of lights”) is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated  every year around late October / early November.  One of the largest and brightest festivals in India, spiritually it signifies the victory of good over evil.  Our … More Happy Diwali

Depression Glass

  Now that I’ve started intentorying (does such a word exist?)  our stuff, I find myself immersed in all sorts of highways and byways of the net. I’m doing background research. I have a couple of items that I think are genuine Depression Glass. This green set – cup, goblet and tray belonged to a … More Depression Glass

Memory Lane

  I’ve been  tripping around our home today revisiting history. It occurred to me that we have a lot of stories accumulated in objects around that house that are stored only in our hearts and minds. They are tales worth recording. For times to come when we can no longer share an oral history. So … More Memory Lane

Echoes of Boy Time

We had a surprise visitor earlier this week. He arrived with this Kit Kat in hand. See how pretty it is with the dried rose, hibiscus and raspberries dotted all over it. It tastes pretty awesome too! Who was our surprise visitor?  Our oldest son. He walked in the door on Sunday night for a … More Echoes of Boy Time

Echoes of Icecream

I’m on a roll with trying out all sorts of new home-made recipes. It’s fun when you can do it at leisure. This week I made icecream. Three ingredient ice cream. Easy peasy. I found the recipe on this Keep Your Health Safe site. So it just has to be good for you ! There’s … More Echoes of Icecream

TRH’s Dream Machine

Some of you may recall that The Retired Husband (TRH) purchased his dream machine a couple of months ago.  Alas, problems arose. It was an anxious several weeks before the truck safely  delivered it home. Since then, our trusty mechanic has inspected it. And could not fix it. There followed many enquiries and calls to … More TRH’s Dream Machine