Ship in a bottle

For the last few years TRH (The Retired Husband) has been gifted Lego sets by son #1. Last year we both did. It was my first ever own kit. Wall.E emerged into being only because I got expert tutoring to make it. This year TRH was given a ship in a bottle kit. It’s 962 … More Ship in a bottle

When Life Ends

Salme Kaarina Tanska née Kaski 4.9.1927 –     18.12.2018 It has been a long and emotionally exhausting twelve days. Markku (TRH), his brothers and father have been supporting each other through the final days of his mother’s life. Early this morning she breathed her last. At 91 years of age I guess you could say … More When Life Ends

Guilty as charged

Me: Tess! Come here.. Reluctantly, slow as a sloth, step by faltering step, she eventually creeps closer. And sits down at a safe distance. Right in the middle of the evidence. Me: Did you do this? Short of nodding her head, the signs of guilt could not be clearer. With a nose as keen as … More Guilty as charged

Christmas Crafts

I may have mentioned that himself, The Retired Husband, has got himself a new toy in the Man Cave. He has been busy learning how to use it. These cute little reindeers are multiplying to a veritable herd on my dining room table waiting to be dressed. I think the latest tally is over 20.  … More Christmas Crafts

I Rolled My Face

It’s the latest trend in beauty care. Using a mini rolling pin on your face. While it may seem like a weird – OK, really weird – thing to do, the technique has been around since the 7th century. Originating in China, the mini rolling pin was made from jade, a semiprecious stone  that was … More I Rolled My Face