How to plant a tree

Over the years our little cul-de-sac has been eroded of council planted shade trees in front of the houses. We are all meant to have one. Last year I counted that there were 4 missing. And with new houses being built, there will be a need for even more. So I contacted the council requesting … More How to plant a tree

We had High Tea

  In honour of the Royal Nuptials, I decided to host a High Tea. Well, truth be told, it was just an excuse to do something different. We always have a few friends over on a Saturday afternoon for happy hour.  Just so happened that last Saturday co-incided with The Wedding of the century. Two … More We had High Tea

Two Amazing Rose Bushes – the world’s largest and the world’s oldest

The largest living rose is in Tombstone, Arizona.  When it is in bloom it has over 200,000 blossoms, and is supported by an arbour under which people can sit.  It is a white Rosa banksiae. The bush was planted in 1885, back when Tombstone was a boomtown for silver mining. The tree officially covers 9,000 square … More Two Amazing Rose Bushes – the world’s largest and the world’s oldest

Saving Bees

What’s all the buzz about bees? Bottom line is we need them.  When I did a google search for ‘save the bees’ I got 2,950,000 results in 0.65 seconds.  There is a lot of initiatives out there about what is happening world-wide to help save them. You can go big – or you can local … More Saving Bees