More Serenity on the Murray River – captured by Kim’s camera

Listen to the sounds of the Aussie bush as you browse these photos.

The paddlesteamer Proud Mary cruised by

Photographs taken by my very talented brother-in-law, Kim. You can find more of his work on Kim Tanska (@kaptured_by_kim)

Raili Tanska

6 thoughts on “More Serenity on the Murray River – captured by Kim’s camera

  1. I expect things here are pretty similar to many other places.Restrictions are lifting with minimal in place now. The move is to self monitoring and self isolating. Border closures are a thing of the past. And people are beginning to travel.
    It seems covid is becoming more flu-like. We are now being encouraged to have three shots and a fluvax. As always, there are those who are strongly for and against dominating the airwaves with their strongly held views.

  2. Wonderful – those are the photos I try to take. I see the scene, the composition, the image but my camera records something so much less beautiful! A true artist, Kim. Thank you!

  3. I know exactly what you mean! The camera seems to have a mind of its own. Needs a firm but gentle hand. ANd more than just a touch of expertise. Some of Kim’s night sky photos are a composite of hundreds layered into one.

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