A Week of Serenity

It has been a while since I last posted. There is a worthy reason for this. The Retired One, his baby brother and I all celebrate milestone birthdays this year. Us olds have reached the venerable age of 70. OMG! What happened?! The baby bro is ten years younger. To the day. So we decided to celebrate in style. Just the three brothers and two wives. We hired a houseboat for five days. Actually, it was a planned pre-hire that did not eventuate. So we took over.

Allow me to introduce you to The Murray Entertainer.

She is a five bedroom/ensuite beauty powered by 2 x 90hp Mercury Sea Pro outboard motors and an in-built generator. Fitted with a very large solar system, gas heating (needed. It is winter), refrigerated air conditioning (not needed. It is not summer) , fully equipped kitchen, smart TV, Wifi, laundry, swim deck, BBQ (much used) …. we were in the lap of luxury with a bed room each.

Just like a real house ….
except it floats….

We drove 168 kilometres north east from Adelaide to a place called Morgan. From whence we embarked onboard the floating palace.

The Murray River graced us with the road less travelled. She is the second longest river in Australia, coursing her way for 2,575 kilometres, meandering through inland plains from NSW, Victoria to South Australia. Her path is filled with spectacular scenery, beautiful skies – and a plenitude of serene tranquillity.

We leisurely cruised her waters between Morgan and Hogwash Bend, a distance of some 60+ kilometres all up. Her waters were a shimmering mirror. An occassional burst of fish bubbles rippled its surface. The odd craft meandered leisurely by, but mostly we were alone.

Where we went
There was work to be done
Views to be admired by day….
… and starry nights … The Milky Way at her best
Boat to be secured
Day’s dawning
The glow of a campfire and smell of woodsmoke – day’s end

All is well.

Raili Tanska


the really stunning photos were taken by the baby brother with his HUGE professional cameras. He’s good. You can find more of his photos here.

13 thoughts on “A Week of Serenity

  1. Happy Birthday! This looks fabulous – what a wonderful picture of the stars! Never able to see them like that here, even though we have less light pollution than most of Europe. A long and healthy life to you all!

    1. Thanks! We were in one of Australia’s best photography areas for night shots. No interference from cities or other light sources. The night skies were brilliant, shimmering with millions of twinkling fairy lights.

  2. Hi Raili,
    Long time and so glad I visited the Reader today.
    Thank you so much for sharing this lovely post and baby brother especially for the beautiful photos.
    Happy birthdays to you all and what a wonderful way to mark the occasions.
    Take care 🙂

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