Just Orchids

Orchids are exotic. Delicate. Beautiful.  And one of the most highly loved flowers. They represent luxury, beauty and strength.  Bountiful in their variety, there are  about 880 genres and 250,000 different species. Their exotic-ness comes form the unusual geometric shape of the petals. They look nothing like the  normal garden variety flowers.   Celebrating a fourteenth annivery? Buy orchids. Pink are for affection.  White orchids signify purity.  Red  of course is for love and understanding.  Yellow – wait for it – fertility. Add  elegance and beauty to your life with orchids. 

Enjoy this beauty in the midst of the chaos and fear that reigns at the moment. 


6 thoughts on “Just Orchids

    1. We are very far away from the floods that are devastating the eastern seaboard of Australia. In fact, I wish they could send some of that water here !

  1. Beautiful picture of orchids. They last quite a long time once you got them on display in your home. Take care Raili xx

  2. Hey Janet! Indeed they are stunning. The cut flowers last a loing time. The potted ones even longer. Unfortunately my thumb is not green enough to grow them successfully. Hope you are all well.

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