The Scents of Life

Lily of the Valley

I was a snotty nosed little sister who always whinged and whined about wanting to be involved with whatever my older sister was doing. I must have been a right royal pain in the proverbial. But for some reason one Christmas her boyfriend gifted me the tiniest bottle of perfume I had ever seen. It enchanted me. And the smell was divine. Lily of the Valley. I have never forgotten it.

That tiny bottle was the start of a life long passion for perfume. I have scented my self every day of my life ever since.

I was having a discussion yesterday with a friend of mine about perfumes. All the different ones that we like. A trip down the memory lane of perfume – Nina Ricci, Givenchy, Lancome, Yves St Laurent, Estee Lauder, the two Elizabeths : Arden and Taylor and so, so many others. OMG the beautiful bottles! How is it even possible to bin them when they are empty ?!

Interestingly, I am the worst person in the world to choose a perfume for myself. The Retired One does that. To perfection. His mission when on the hunt is to enter a perfumery and stun the staff with his knowledge of how and why a particular fragrance would smell on his wife. By testing it on himself. Properly. You know, one scent per arm. Leave to mellow until the alcohol evaporates and the scent settles onto the skin. He has never failed. And he has passed that secret skill onto his sons.

Of course I am very aware of the bad rap that perfume is getting these days. You know, the additives and stuff that goes into the crafting of scents. In fact, I have dabbled in creating scents of my own with blending essential oils. Which is my other passion. That evolved out of the perfume passion.

Some of my creations have been superb. Others not so. But always, it is fun.

My collection of essential oils.

Wishing you all the sweetness of a scented life. It nurtures the soul.

4 thoughts on “The Scents of Life

  1. I’m 100% with you here – apart from not having a wonderful “nose” to select my scents. How lucky you are in that respect! But oh dear, yers, those gorgeous empty bottles – I put them in drawers with my underwear etc. but after a while, the scent is gone and I have a drawer full of bottles! So hard to throw away.

    1. Now that is a good idea. Mine are on display in my office. Over the years I have learnt to only keep special ones. Some, the tops were so gorgeous I kept them and used them in craft work. They made wonderful headwear for the Three Wise Men !! Or got sent to school for art work.

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