Serenity Post – any day

My weeks seem to be merging into a muddle. So much so I have missed several Sunday Serenities. And sometimes posted them mid week. My apologies. I know there are some out there who regularly use them. So rather than put myself under pressure, I have decided to post Serenities when ever the mood hits.

If you search in the archives they will still be in Sunday Serenity Category. For simplicity. And, truth be told, because I don’t know how to change it other than by creating a whole new category. Isn’t it better to keep them all together?

Seriously though, it has been a long tradition for me to post guided meditations every Sunday. I figured that Sundays are a day for reflection, quietness, peace and contemplation. And they still are. Especially so for those of you who work. Serenity is not restricted to any one day of the week. In fact, it is a state of being I personally strive for every single day. With mixed success.

Having said that, here is the Serenity post for this week, whenever you choose to listen to it. And because our family has experienced the loss of a loved one, this time the focus is on grief.

There are many of you out there who have experienced loss during this time of the global pandemic. And tragically many of you have not had the opportunity to have those very important final moments of togetherness and farewell. This did not happen to our extended family. Neither was the loss covid related. We were blessed to be able to walk through this experience together as a family.

May your week be blessed. May you find serenity in your life, even if just for a moment or two.

steps for peace candle

Raili Tanska

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