Saturday Smiles – stuff

Our six year old handed us a note. His teacher had called my wife and I in for an emergency meeting. We asked our son if he had any idea why and he said “She didn’t like a drawing I did.” We went in the next day. His teacher pulled the drawing above out and said, “I asked him to draw his family and he drew this. Would you mind explaining?” “Not at all,” my wife said. “Family vacation. Snorkelling off the Bahamas.”

Raili Tanska


5 thoughts on “Saturday Smiles – stuff

    1. I don’t know what terrible things you are hearing.We’re OK. It is true that lockdowns have been happening and restrictions abound with seemingly little consistency or compassion. But here in SA we have had minimal covid cases and deaths. Borders are opening and travel, interstate and overseas, is starting to open up. Amid warnings of the Delta strain numbers surging when this happens. Vaccinations continue to be a point of contention as everywhere. We ourselves are double vaccinated, being elderly with assorted health issues. There is now talk of a booster dose starting with the most vulnerable. As far as i know all our extended fanily are vaccinated. Vaccination rates across the country are increasing as people wish life to return to whatever the new normal is going to be. The issue unresolved, of course, remains one of choice/coercion as some businesses are requiring staff to be double vaccinated if they wish to continue working. The debate continues to rage.

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