Saturday Smiles – Pondering the big questions

Damn! I must be old…
If toetips were a thing would they have toeprints ???
I have no grandkids – who can I blame?
I never knew this! What do those lids morph into?
We still got one of these somewhere…
I need a bigger lake
There’s those damn socks!
Where’s the SIngles Lids Night?
I just gotta ask! Where did it get them from

Raili Tanska

Dream Big. Laugh Loud. Sleep Lots

2 thoughts on “Saturday Smiles – Pondering the big questions

  1. Not sure what you are being told. Melbourne (in Victoria) has the dubious claim to being the second longest city in lockdown. In the world. People there are getting pretty sick of it. Currently there is some ugly rioting happening there. Sydnay (in NSW) has been hard hit but their Premier is easing back on restrictions. That of course does not stop the spread.
    In Adelaide (in South Australia)not so bad. We have not been hard hit with covid but our government is pretty trigger happy about going into snappy and short lockdowns. The strategy is harsh but it seems to control the spread of covid here. Businesses of course are feeling the pinch. We have some restrictions in place that are slowly being eased. Mask wearing is mandatory.
    There seems to be a magic number that needs to be reached for vaccination take up before restrictions are eased more.

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