Saturday Smiles – when things go wrong

You ever had one of those days/weeks when everything seems to go wrong?

That was us this week. It was like the King Midas touch in reverse.

We ordered a top of the range NASA science inspired mattress topper for our bed. It was 50% discount. Still expensive but not so eye wateringly much as the advertised full price.

On the morning of the notified delivery date, I stripped the bed. Ready for a fresh start with clean linen, pillow and mattress protectors all ready to go. Even a new quilt.

First uneasy note of warning sounded when himself tentatively said ” I don’t want to sound rude, but why did you strip the bed?”

I looked at him. Must say it was a bit of an are you for real look. “Ummm – the mattress topper is coming today.”

“But it’s not here yet. And it has to be left for 24 hours to pop into shape and air before it can be used.”

“Oh. I didn’t know.”

The topper did arrive in the afternoon.

Himself carried the neat smallish box into the bedroom. I sauntered in a while later to hear him cursing, swearing and muttering under his breath. The gist of it was that the said topper was vacuum packaged into a box the size of a flea. What’s more the queen bed size topper had been pressure squeezed into a heavy duty plastic wrap. One that wound itself within and around the said topper like a Sarah Lee pastry, layer upon layer upon layer.

I watched with bated breath as himself gently hacked at the plastic with a box cutter as sharp as a surgeon’s scalpel. I dare not say anything. One wrong move…. well, you can imagine. I did tentatively help to pull to released plastic as the topper slowly emerged out of its ever so tight cocoon.

Eventually it was free to breathe. We placed it on the bed. And stared in disbelief. It was way too small!

By now himself was beyond reasonable levels of stress when I suggested it was the wrong size.


“Queen bed. Maybe we should measure it.”

As he marched off to the man cave to get his tape measure he said, “And just what size is that?”

So I googled the measurements. The topper was a double bedder. In hindsight we could have saved ourselves a whole lot of heartburn had we thought to check that little bit of information before opening the box.

After an eternity – probably ten minutes – of confounded silence – he said “We’d better roll it up back into the box.”

OMG. Have you ever tried to fit an elephant into a flea size box?

Somehow we managed to squish it in. Sort of. As I threw myself on top to try and contain it himself wound a million miles of heavy duty packaging tape around it. That, below, is it several days later. It is slowly attempting to escape its prison.

The story of course does not end there. Himself, being the hero he is, and the order/payee of said topper, contacted the manufacturer from whom we purchased it. After being on hold for many looooong moments, during which he also fired off an email to them, he got to speak to a real person. Karen. I will say no more on that subject.

She was very sympathetic. Said don’t try to box it up. It won’t work. Just use rope or something. Smart Karen. but by then we had done the deed. She also said she was not familiar with the process for this kind of situation. I’m sure we are not the only ones to be sent the wrong size!

She also said someone would call back soon. Either within the hour or tomorrow.

Sadly tomorrow never came. Two days later himself had a conversation with another Karen. From Customer Service. This Karen required evidence. So photos were sent. And reluctantly accepted. When himself asked what we do with the first topper, she said bin it. Huh? They don’t want it back apparently. But we will be informed in due course.

A week after the start of this saga himself received yet another email (there have been countless numbers of them) to let him know the new one is on its way. I hope it’s the right size. We’ll see what the courier delivers next week.

BTW, there was no mention about the wrong size. So we assume it is for us to dispose of somehow.

I need to find a needy friend with a double bed.

Oh … there is a back story to this week of things going wrong. I have been doing online shopping. Being organised and doing my Christmas shopping early to avoid delays and stolen parcels closer to the festive season. All has been going well. Until this week.

I am yet to receive an order that is now nearly two weeks overdue. So emails have been flying, tracking has been done. Awaiting response.

Another was an attempted delivery. WHILE WE WERE HOME. OMG the process to get that organised for personal pickup. I was almost ready to fire off a nasty email to the company I ordered it from. But of course it’s not their fault. It’s the courier service. I eventually received a text with details of where I was to go for personal pickup. With photograph ID in hand. A passport would suffice apparently. The parcel is now sitting on my desk.

And I ask myself do I or do I not? Do more orders online.

Raili Tanska


6 thoughts on “Saturday Smiles – when things go wrong

  1. Oh dear! We suppose the only way to cope with it is to write about it and – sorry – to say that. we loved reading your text. Unfortunately it is real.
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your mattress topper
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness Raili, you had quite a bit of stress this week. It was funny reading your text, but not so funny for you and himself I think. Breath deeply in and out and go in your mind to your
    favourite place and relax. Hope next week will be better. Xo

  3. It must be the times we are lving in. Being just me and me alone…I have started a food delivery service.Up until the last couple of weeks I have been very pleased..until the box came obviously having been tampered with and the “ice” packs inside no longer even cool. Of course they, the company, refunded but I had to come up with replacement meals for the week. Then this week a notice came that the carrier wasn’t able to carry….out again. I may have to rethink this .

    1. Oh dear. How disappointing for you. We did online food orders during our first lockdown and had no problems. Having said that, I’m not a huge fan. I like to see and walk the aisles! Hope you get it sorted

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