Saturday Smiles – Toilet Paper Gone. Again!

It started like any other week in this world of covid enforced restrictions.

Not so severe here as many are experiencing elsewhere.

Then – wham! Harsh lockdown. With very little notice.

For six days initially. They called it a circuit breaker.

Within half an hour of the announcement – panic buyer frenzy.

First to disappear from  the shop shelves? Toilet paper!

Followed by border lockdowns to all but NSW and the ACT

The streets were empty. Only one person per household allowed to go out for essentials.

Only essential services permitted to remain open.

Two days later – lockdown to finish in 24 hours.

Hot spots identified and contained.

Thousands tested.

Why? Because one person had lied to the contact tracing team

All infected people safe in quarantine.

A few new cases expected to trickle in as tests completed.

But no cause for alarm.

What just happened?

Are we living in some weird parallel universe?

Covid created chaos kicks in swiftly and ruthlessly.

Stay safe and well everyone

Raili Tanska



25 thoughts on “Saturday Smiles – Toilet Paper Gone. Again!

  1. Yes, I was following the SA situation on TV, and then “pow”, the original guy was lying… wow Raili, some people are so dumb… I think your pic’ of the dogs, asking why are we dumb humans wearing muzzles, kind of sums it up Raili

    1. It has been so surreal. And the interesting thing is Ivor that legally there is no penalty for lying to health authorities. It is being investigated atm. Lots of angry people around.

    1. We were for two days. Then it got eased back with the usual precautions. And businesses are able to open albeit with some new restrictions for a few like beauticians

  2. Where are you located? I’m in California and a one month curfew has just been implemented effective today. No leaving your home after 10 pm! Well we got some notice from our governor, our state is in the purple (worst). Covid cases are out the roof, people aren’t listening they sneak into grocery stores without masks only to be told they will not be served without a mask. They refuse. One couple left their 3 (not 1 or 2 but 3) baskets of food sitting at cash register then wLked our.

    1. I live in SOuth Australia. Most people here are doing the right thing. Except for this latest where one person lied and put the whole state into the harshest lockdown for two days until the truth was discovered. So lockdown is over but restrictions remain.
      Overall our state has not been anywhere near as hard hit as many other places. Stay safe and well.

      1. Thank you …the US will have new leadership President-elect Biden I pray he will do a better job of handling this, California is probably one of the worst so my family we stay home order groceries online stay out of public places. I lost one child I cannot lose another. God bless you and family. Be safe.

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