10 thoughts on “Saturday Smiles – Mostly Cats and Dogs

  1. All made me laugh … but the one that touched home was ‘Negotiating with your Cat’. I swear to dog that Alf Capone (our cat – and yes, that really is his name) is the cat who made that rule. He demands to be fed on average approx ten meals a day – not counting the bowl of crunchies which we leave out for him so he can snack whenever he likes. (and he likes to snack A LOT).

    Maisie Dotes – our other cat … makes totally different rules, and only she knows about them, because she makes them up as she goes along. One minute she loves the dogs. The next minute she tells them SHE owns the conservatory and they aren’t allowed in it. They then sit outside, in all weathers, waiting for her to allow them entry.

    I kid ye not Raili. I live with Rule Makers who apparently own the world, and there’s nothing I can do about it. lol

    GREAT post. Loved them all. (and want a cat like that one in the first photo!) ~ Cobs. xxx

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