Pandemic Paintings

Himself has completed his paint by numbers painting.

And made a stunning wooden frame.

He did a great job all round.

It is aptly titled HMS Corona 2020.

That ship has sailed, leaving in its wake a plethora of new ‘viruses’

to contend with,

and many an adjustment to a new ‘normal’.


I painted this Bushfires  one just prior to the pandemic.

Early this year Australia was hit hard with bushfires raging across the nation ;

2020 so far has been an ‘annus horrobillis’

These miniatures within the painting are a tribute to the resilience of the Australian bush.

Native wildlife was hard hit by the fires.

This diamond dot painting is my tribute to them.

Diamond dots are a very different way of creating art.

You simply glue a trillion and one little coloured sequins

onto the canvas which is  filled with coded dots.


Those of you who have followed my posts, may recall

I was in the process of creating an Animal Room with my art work.

All these painting have now been hung in that very room.

Except for the Corona one.

Here is the main wall so far.

There is another rainbow lorikeet diamond dots  in progress.

I want to give you a close up

of this grumpy diamond owl

She has a bucket load of character.

I think that photo next to her must be her baby!

And these two are from late last year.

Tess’ portrait and the frazzled cat family

are perched next to the window.

Perch is probably not the right word for the fourlegged furry ones.


Raili Tanska

Let your creative genius out!








15 thoughts on “Pandemic Paintings

  1. Oh…. you have been very creatively busy Raili… I adore all of your glorious paintings…. especially your ‘diamond dot’ one of the kangaroos….. you’ve a more steadier hand than me, and definitely far more patience…. well done…
    And your Animal Art room wall looks magnificent…. 💙🌏

    1. Thank you so much Ivor! I’ll let you into a trade secret of you promise not to tell. *whispers* I need to use a magnifying glass to place the dots in the right spot !!

  2. They all look glorious Raili. Like the one”himself” did as well just fantastic!
    Very artistic the two of you!🥰

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