Yes, you read that right. Poop. Excrement, Faecal matter.

Citizen science is a new trend in collecting data from the public for scientific research. #GiveAShit For Science is a serious collaborative project which invites people to anonymously upload images of their poop. Seriously.

Once the images are uploaded a team of gastroenterologists sort through them. Classify them into seven categories of known poop utilising the Bristol stool scale. Yep. There’s one of those too.

The project aims to train an AI called Auggi to recognise the different types enabling the researches to do other important bits of the research. With the goal being to educate people about gut health and provide doctors with an important diagnostic tool.

Because there’s no existing database of real-life poop, Hachuel’s team began developing the app using Play-Doh they sculpted to mimic poop around the Bristol scale. “We spent countless hours just making different Play-Doh models,” Hachuel tells The Verge. “We actually 3D-printed a toilet just to emulate how that would happen in real life.” That was fun, he says, but time-consuming. To get the real thing, they first turned to Reddit and other sites to crowdsource photos of feces that people uploaded to the discussion board. Both Hachuel and Katz tell The Verge that you’d be surprised to see how many people are already online sharing and discussing their poop.

I know that happens for a fact. People send friends poop pics.  Why? Onlyh they could tell you that.

Want to contirbute to science? Here’s the link – Dare to share your poop for science – and help change the future of gut health.

Raii Tanska

Look after yourself

5 thoughts on “Poop

  1. I first saw the Bristol Stool Chart in 2012, when I was hospitalised for diverticulitis. I was so struck by it, I took a photo so I could continue to chuckle over it. But two years later, when I had my colostomy reversed, this became a very serious matter as I progressed through the various stages 🙂 I often wonder about the artists who first had to produce these realistic looking paintings! Did they hang them on their walls?

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