Covid Speak

It’s happened.

Our language has changed forever.

Thanks to the coronavirus.

Here it is.

The Covid List – so far

BC and AC

Life before and after corona.

To me it was  before and after children! Sigh.. no more…..

Boomer remover

the belief of some (Millenials and Gen Z’s)  that coronavirus only affects us olds


Sexual activity that may happen via messenger or SMS during the pandemic

It seems phone sex is out the window


the bad haircut your partner gives you during lockdown

Except I can only blame myself!


the stupid but entertaining videos people make and watch during the coronavirus lockdown

So clever, aren’t they ?!


lockdown can be stressful.

Plenty of covid memes out there to evidence that


compulsively and morbidly checking phones for coronavirus updates, such as death tolls

Guilty. Well, perhaps not morbid or compulsive  – but I kicked that habit


the weight put on while in lockdown

Already there. Can’t blame covid

Raili Tanska
Language is alive



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