Tess’ New Jacket

Tess in winter fur
This WAS my winter coat. Apparently it was worn out

It’s got awfully cold, awfully fast here. And wet too. Mum noticed that my Peppa Pig t-shirt wasn’t keeping me very warm. And ‘cos she isn’t going shopping I was beginning to worry if I’d freeze all winter. Then the other day she did something weird.

Not that that is unusual. She often does weird things. She had this little round disc thing in her hand. It looked like a panda.Then she did something and out came this long flat string thing. Which she put along my back. Around my tummy. And down my legs. Each time she wrote something on a bit of paper.

Then she sat furiously tapping on this flat thing she holds in her hand. That’s another weird thing she does. A lot. I really didn’t pay much attention to it.

Me as a bumble bee

It was only a few days later that the postman delivered a parcel. She seemed to be really excited to get it.  When she opened it, she pulled out this colourful bit of cloth. Calling me over, she said, Look!  This will keep you warm.

She picked me up, pulled off my Peppa Pig t-shirt and flipped me over on my back.

Uh-oh, I thought, this is not going to be good. I growled a bit. Got told off.

Then she started putting this cloth thing on me. The claws on my back leg got stuck on it. I HATE anyone touching my feet. So I growled louder and bared my teeth to let her know I was not happy. That just got me another telling off.  I resigned myself to my fate.

‘Cos I knew I had no choice.

My new onesie

Eventually this thing was on me. All my feet were in some sort of tube thing. I couldn’t walk properly because they dragged on the ground. But did she take it off? No! She just turned the ends up.

I knew I was stuck with wearing this ridiculous looking new jacket. Mum knew I hated it. I had my not happy Jan face on.

As the day wore on, one of my front feet somehow managed to slip through the neck hole. Mum just put it back where it belonged.

But THEN came bedtime. I had been sleeping, as I always do. Rolling around a bit. Changing positions to get comfy. Moving to a different spot.  She woke me up and said it was time to go to sleep. Huh?

Something weird had happened to my body while I was sleepimg.

Wrapped up – you can just see a bit of Peppa

I could walk but there seemed to be something tight around my armpits. My front legs were where they should be.  Attached to my body, free.  No longer in those sock things that had open ends.  I stood behind Mum. Eventually she looked at me.

Oh! What’s happened?

She scooped me up and started to pull my legs out through the hole where my neck  should have been. I knew better than to growl or bare my teeth. I gave her little licks instead. But it was a bit scary when my head ended up inside one of those socks. All that was sticking out the end was the tip of my nose!

Eventually I was free of this latest weird thing Mum called a onesie. Thank goodness! Peppa Pig reappeared. I happily settled down for the night.

I just hope that’s the end of this craziness.

Raili Tanska

PS – I haven’t told Tess yet that there is a new one on the way. A better fit. Without sleeves

6 thoughts on “Tess’ New Jacket

  1. Oh this made me laugh so much. I can see her affronted look about this onesie.
    Here’s hoping she will stay warm.

  2. This story made me laugh out loud. I can see Tess looking affronted at her onesie.
    She has a very expressive face.
    Hope that you have better luck with the next garment.

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