Isolation art

In these surreal times creativity has taken some more twists and turns in our household.

This paint by numbers crazy cat family  joins my menagerie of

other colourful feathered and furred friends

I decided to give a shot at doing one of those diamond dotz thingys

Found this Rainbow Moon

Yet to be framed. Himself has been busy too —

Himself, perhaps foolishly and regretfully in hindsight

expressed interest in having a go at paint by numbers, so I bought one for him.

And here he  is, magnifying glasses in situ, creating art

 He finished it the other day.

A warship under sail.

We have called her the  HMAS Corona

Raili Tanska

Push the boundaries

Try something different

15 thoughts on “Isolation art

  1. Haha… Raili…you’ve just reminded me to put out the bins !!…. and yes I’m writing more poems, and about to submit a manuscript for a chapbook…… something I never tried before !!

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